Wampler Pedals release Low Blow bass overdrive and Latitude Standard Tremolo

Wampler Pedals have announced two new stompboxes, the Low Blow bass overdrive and Latitude Standard tremolo.

In the works for several years, Wampler's first bass pedal features two clipping modes - Smooth and Jagged. Smooth mode acts as an overdrive with the jagged being more distorted. The addition of a 3 band EQ (Bass, Mids, and Treble) allows a player to have more tonal control no matter what the gig calls for. With the he Notch Filter switch, you can help tighten/clean up common cabinet “woof” without having to turn down. 

Check out Wampler's demo of the Low Blow below:

The new Latitude standard has the same “blackface” inspired tremolo as its big brother, the Latitude Deluxe, but in a smaller, stripped down package. This compact trem features the same volume control option as the Latitude Deluxe so your tremolo effect will never get lost in the mix. A constant tremolo speed indicator light, shows exactly where your tremolo will be before you even engage it.

View Wampler's demo of the Latitude Standard below: