Ibanez doing 'mini' properly

This year Ibanez have expanded their mini pedal range from the simple, but brilliant Tube Screamer Mini to now include a Chorus, Metal and gloriously a Delay.

Parent and child  

Parent and child  

Based on the Ibanez AD-9 the Analog Delay Mini offers you all the qualities of an incredibly high spec delay in a tiny package. Still made in Japan the Mini Delay is a great example of tiny pedals done well. The market has become flooded with cheap mini pedals that offer space saving at the expense of tone, this is no such pedal. Heavy weight and high quality, when put side by side against its older sibling there is little difference, which is astounding! The AD-9 is nearly £200 and with good reason, for years the AD-9 has been the bench mark for Analog delays...the mini by comparison is £70!?! A remarkable price!

so what is everyone waiting for? We've all got a tiny bit of room on our board that we could fill up, and what better way to do it than with a tiny, brilliant, legendary analog delay.