Line 6 Announce Relay G70 Wireless Guitar System

In the past few years, Line 6 have been making great strides into the digital wireless market. Their Relay G30 and G50 have become one of the go-to systems for semi-pro and professional guitars since their launch. However, with stiff competition from the like of Shure's GLX16D, the Calabasas-based brand have had to work hard to keep up.

Introducing the Relay G70...

Line 6's latest entry into the Relay series features a receiver packed into a pedal-sized housing, making it perfect for guitarists with an established pedalboard setup, and supports connection to multiple transmitters, allowing for seamless switching between instruments. These instruments can then be routed to two different outputs, meaning that an acoustic instrument could be sent to a PA system and eliminating the need for an A/B switch. At under 1.5 milliseconds, Line 6 claim the G70 to have the lowest latency of any digital wireless system available today.

For more information, check out the Line 6 website.