Visual Sound Becomes Truetone

After 20 years of producing high quality guitar pedals, Visual Sound have changed their name to Truetone. In a statement on the company's website, company president Bob Weil explains:

β€œThe name of the company was derived from the first product I invented, Visual Volume;
the volume pedal with a 10 LED scale to indicate volume level. That was the product that
launched Visual Sound at the beginning of 1995. While Visual Volume was the
cornerstone of the company back then, it became a secondary product over the past 20-
years. Now, we are best known for our effects pedals, including Jekyll & Hyde, Route 66
and H2O. In addition, our 1 SPOT power supplies and accessories have become the
industry standard. Our company motto has always been Real Tone for Real People,
which underscores our approach to making reliable, high-quality products, at a fair price.
With this in mind, we feel that our new name, Truetone, clearly states our vision in one

The site goes on to explain that the first Truetone branded products will be new Jekyll & Hyde V3 Overdrive and Distortion, and the as-yet-unseen 1 Spot Pro power supply.