NAMM 2017: Earthquaker Devices

Known for their sheer volume of new pedal releases, Earthquaker Devices have announced 6 brand new models at NAMM 2017.

Space Spiral

The Space Spiral is an analog-voiced digital delay pedal with a variable waveshape LFO hitting the repeated signal for a world of warm modulated echo tones. Perfect for those who want vintage warble with digital control. With 30ms – 600ms of delay time and a variable waveshape LFO, the Space Spiral is designed to create dark and dreamy delay sound.

Levitation V2

The Levitation V2 is a natural upgrade of the first version of Earthquaker's psych rock reverb. Its vintage-voiced algorithm offers lo-fi sixties verbs, splashy springs and huge reverberating plates. The V2 includes upgraded op-amps for better performance and lower noise, a true bypass circuit, silent soft-touch switching and top-mounted jacks.

Organizer V2

Organ emulators for guitar have become all the rage in the last few years and Earthquaker's The Organizer V2 is the cream of the crop. Capable of generating two octaves up and two down, the Organizer has a warm feel, with a hint of Leslie warble not found on other organ sims.

Hoof and Cloven Hoof V2

Two of Earthquaker's most famous fuzz pedals also receive an upgrade this year. The Hoof V2 is based on a classic green Russian fuzz and is built around a blend of silicon and germanium transistors. The Cloven Hoof starts with a similar template but adds copious amounts of gain for a gnarly fuzz with tone mashing capabilities.

Bit Commander V2

One of Earthquaker's most well know pedals, the Bit Commander is a monophonic guitar synth that offers four octaves of crazy square wave tones. The V2 offers analogue dry-through, top mounted jacks and silent soft-touch switching.