NAMM 2017: Orange Rocker 15 & 32

NAMM 2017:

Rocker 32

Back from the dead, Orange have brought back their extremely popular Rocker Amplifier series. But, these aren't reissues, instead Technical Director, Ade Emsley has fused the original brilliance of the Rocker series with a genius new idea.

Ade has taken a look at the modern gigging musician, their set-up and requirements, and has put together the perfect amplifier; loud, portable, capable of attenuation, but most remarkably, the Rocker 32 has a stereo effects loop!

Perfect for guitarists using Strymon style delays and reverbs, the Rocker 32 will give your stereo effects a broad, sweeping dynamic never before within the capabilities of a 2X10 combo.

The Rocker 32 is also perfect for the more traditional player, allowing you to split your speakers, allocating one to your effects loop, and the other to a dedicated clean tone. Perfect for weirder effects that require the grounding of a clean signal.

On the control panel, the Rocker 32 is a blend of traditional Rocker controls, and modern innovation. The 'Natural' channel is confident simplicity, featuring only a volume control, voiced for maximum headroom to emphasise every subtle nuance of your guitars tone. The 'Dirty' channel features the traditional controls of the original Rocker series; Master volume and Input gain, and a three band EQ, perfect as a drive channel, or an edgy clean channel.

Rocker 15

The Orange Rocker 15 is the perfect amplifier for all occasions. A 15w reproduction of the original Rocker 30, it sports all the same controls as the original including both a natural and a dirty channel, and the full 3 band EQ, master volume and input gain controls. But crucially the 15w version includes a range of attenuation options making it perfect for home use and stage. Capable of 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts, the Rocker 15 is truly an amp for everybody, and every occasion.