NAMM 2017: Dunlop, MXR and Way Huge

Jim Dunlop have announced a whole host of new pedals under their Dunlop, MXR and Way Huge brands.

MXR return to the well, with some new iterations of classic pedals, including the Dyna Comp Mini, a smaller version of the classic compressor with an added attack speed switch, six and ten-band EQ pedals and the Sub Octave Bass Fuzz, which offers two switchable fuzz tones and a sub octave mode. Rounding out the MXR lineup is the Il Diavolo Overdrive, a brand new hot-rodded designed in collaboration with Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio.

New to the Dunlop brand five new Hendrix models. The classic Fuzz Face, Univibe and Octavio Fuzz are joined by the Gypsy Fuzz and a Mini version of Hendrix's signature Cry Baby Wah. All of the pedals (minus the Cry Baby) feature art from rock artist Gered Mankowitz.

Way Huge complete the Jim Dunlop lineup for 2017 with two new fuzz pedals, the Conquistador and Russian Pickle, giving players two new go-to noisemakers.