NAMM 2017: Vox Launch 3 new MV-50 Amps

2017 has dawned, and with it Vox have launched three whole completely new magnificently teeny new amplifier heads, and a pretty sweet cab to compliment the range.

Introducing the MV-50 series; a truly original and revolutionary series of micro-amps. Weighing barely one single pound the MV series utilises Vox's new Nutube technology to provide a whopping 50w of power to rival the tone and volume of all your favourite roadie worthy valve amps.

Partnered with a carefully matched analogue pre-amp to preserve all the richness and warmth of an old school amp, along with a modern, light weight class D power circuit to guarantee enough face melting volume to make this range of tiny devils capable of anything!

The range consists of three amplifier heads, each providing something different. The AC head offers all the tonal characteristics of the legendary AC-30. Perfect for traditional players, or just for the many millions of players in love with the legendary sound of the AC-30...but not so in love with the idea of lugging one around.

The Clean offers a Fendery sparkle perfect for the player demanding all the headroom, and minimal break up.

The Rock is geared up towards the heavier player. Emulating the ageless tone of British style overdrive.

Each Amplifier is available solo or partnered with a specifically designed 25w 8" Vox cabinet, classically styled to perfectly accent the gorgeous looking range.