NAMM 2017: Digitech FreqOut and DOD Rubberneck

Digitech have announced two new pedals already this week (with more on the way, apparently!) and oh boy do they look excellent fun. 

First up is the FreqOut Natural Feedback Creator. Feedback generators are an effect that we’ve not seen a huge amount of in the coming years. Boss released the FB-2 a few years back but not to huge acclaim, this looks far more interesting than that one. 

The FreqOut appears to offer a number of different frequencies that you can highlight, plus a gain control and the ability to turn on and off your wet/dry signal. Personally I think the coolest thing about this is the momentary option. 

Plus apart from everything else, who doesn’t like a pedal with loads of lights and switches? 

Next up we’ve got the DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay, with even more knobs and switches than the FreqOut. Digitech have done some of our absolute favourite pedals of the last couple years under the DOD name so we have full confidence that this is sure to fall in line with what we’ve all come to expect. 

Real exciting! This week is getting better and better!