SUMMER NAMM 2016: Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz

Veteran pedal builder Black Cat Pedals has announced the Monster K-Fuzz stompbox, the latest edition of their uniquely hotrodded version of the '60s Kay Fuzztone. The new Monster K-Fuzz stompbox boasts all the bells and whistles features of previous version in a pedalboard friendly enclosure at a more affordable price.

The Monster K-Fuzz controls can be set to go anywhere from a vintage Kay to a fire breathing monster fuzz. Expression pedal control of the Fuzz Frequency allows the same functionality as the former treadle based versions. And with a look that pays tribute to the '60s original, the Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz is the ultimate evolution of the Kay Fuzztone.


  • Expression pedal control of the Fuzz Frequency
  • 3-way toggle switches for Clipping and Voicing 
  • Input Gain adjustment control
  • "Pedalboard friendly" stompbox enclosure
  • 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
  • Premium quality through-hole components
  • Hand-built in the USA

The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz stompbox retails for $195. Check out  Black Cat's website for more info.