SUMMER NAMM 2016: Gretsch Tom Petersson Signature Falcon Bass

Gretsch have announced a brand new signature model Falcon bass for Cheap Trick Bassist, Tom Petersson. The model comes in two formats; the USA Custom shop and the standard line G6136B-TP-AWT.

But these aren't just two different quality versions of the same bass, each instrument brings something completely unique to the table. The USA Custom Shop model offers the most obvious marks of originality, offering the bass playing community a completely new type of instrument.

Featuring 12 strings, the Custom Shop model is based on the guitar Petersson has been playing with cheap trick for some time. Set up in a similar method to a 12 string guitar, but with 2 rather than just 1 octave strings for each of the normal 4 bass strings.

A real work out for your finger tips, but rewarding the player with a tone unmatchable and completely original; the Tom Petersson Signature 12-String Falcon Bass is genuinely a new instrument for the bass playing community to sink its teeth into.

The G6136B-TP-AWT standard line version of this bass offers a more conventional 4 string version of this instrument. The twist for this model comes in the pick up formation. Featuring a massive Rumble’Tron pick up in the neck position, the Petersson Falcon offers all the low end you could ever need. Conventionally this would be paired with a bridge pick up to add the zingy high end clarity, but Petersson had other ideas, instead opting for a Seymour Duncan Super’Tron right in the middle of the body, giving the bass a tight P-Bass'esque quality that coupled with soupy sub of the neck pick-up gives the player a huge vintage tone with added mid punch and clarity; an ultimate rock machine.