NAMM 2017: Music Man Sterling St. Vincent

2016 was a phenomenal year for Music Man, the introduction of the Music Man St. Vincent was landmark moment for the company, and the guitar fast became Music Man's most popular signature model.

This year Music Man followed up on their original success by introducing 4 brand new colours in the St. Vincent range, cementing the guitar as one of the most important guitars in the Music Man catalogue.

To compliment the expanded series Music Man's sister company, Sterling by Music Man, have announced their own incarnation of the St. Vincent model. Great news for any fans of the original Music Man who were put off by the custom shop-esque price tag, the Sterling looks to be hitting guitar shop shelves at a very reasonable $599; almost a quarter of the price of the original.

Obviously there will be some differences between the Sterling and Music Man version. The solid rosewood neck of the Music Man has been replaced with a rosewood board and a more conventional maple neck. The bridge also looks to be of a more stock variety, and the pick-ups will no doubt be a more budget variety, but still mini-humbuckers nonetheless.

The instrument will be available in two colours; St. Vincent Blue, and Black - in keeping with the original colours, now discontinued, available on the 2016 version of the St. Vincent.

The new guitar looks set to be available before the end of January, so get ready for 2017's guitar of the year!