Shergold Guitars return!

After years in the wilderness, Shergold Guitars are being relaunched in 2017.

With a British legacy reaching back as far as 1968, Shergold Guitars enjoyed their heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s when bands such as Genesis, New Order and Joy Division chose the guitars and basses as their go-to instruments. Now, luthier Patrick Eggle and distributor Barnes & Mullins have joined forces to resurrect the legendary brand.


The first model to return to the market is based around a single Masquerader model shape, and is available with three pickup configurations and in four colour finishes. A solid mahogany body and solid rosewood neck are paired with a custom-designed bridge and Patrick Eggle's personal choice of genuine USA-made Seymour Duncan pickups. 


Prices are £765 for the P90 equipped Masquerader SM01SD, £835 for the 2 Single Coil Humbucker equipped Masquerader SM02SD, and £809 for the 3 Single coil loaded Masquerader SM03SD. All three variants will start shipping in early 2017.