PRS Release LTD Edition CE24 Satin guitars for UK and Europe

The CE24 has been a welcome addition to the PRS line up since its introduction in 1988, offering 'Fender' enthusiasts a bolt-on version of the classic PRS body shape and build quality. The CE series brought that snap and sparkle to the traditional PRS double cut, and it has continued to be a popular model year after, receiving constant tweaks and upgrades to keep the series moving forward.

This year PRS have taken this one step further by granting the CE24 Satin three separate, mesmerising finishes unique to the UK and European market. These finishes come in the complicatedly named, Grey Cherryburst, Grey Purpleburst, and Grey Blueburst. Each instrument features a beautiful maple cap, elegantly capturing the nuances of the fading burst, gorgeously satin nitro finished mahogany body, slim and comfortably tapered maple neck, and thick wedge of deep chocolate brown rosewood fingerboard.

Topped off with the PRS 85/15 humbucking pick-ups to capture all the sparkle of a bolt-on instrument with extended low end response to maintain the instruments classic PRS tonal girth, and of course PRS' legendary and revered trem system.

Hitting the UK shelves at less than £1,800 these are surely contenders for guitar of the year!