Capture The Songs In Your Head With TC Electronics

Another day, another new arrival from TC Electronics, and not just any arrival, something completely new, innovative, and very modern.

Introducing the TC Electronics Wiretap Riff Recorder! But, what's that you say? Yes, they do already make a looper, this isn't a's a riff recorder.

Crammed into the same chassis as the now legendary Ditto Looper, the Wiretap is a pedal aimed at songwriters everywhere. Complete with it's own phone app, the pedal can record up to 8 hours of prime jamming into its built in memory, so that 'million dollar' riff will never be lost again.

The App allows you to sync the pedal with your phone and import all your riffs, so you can send them to band mates or recall them later to write along to. TC have really thought this through to the Nth degree - the app even suggests random song titles for your jams to avoid filling your phone with 'untitled 1' 'untitled 2' etc. 

So with a footprint small enough not to sacrifice a pedal space on your board you can now make sure all your parts are professionally recorded for reference, making the distance from conception to polished club banger a little shorter.