Red Witch announce Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave

This is an incredibly exciting announcement for bass players everywhere! Red Witch have for a long time been responsible for some absolutely mind bogglingly dynamic effects. Their contribution to the fuzz world has been especially awesome;  back in 2005 they introduced the Fuzz God II, a fuzz pedal so brilliantly quintessential of everything a guitar player wants from a fuzz pedal that bass players started trying to use it as well. Sadly, as is the case with a lot of effects designed for guitar, the Fuzz God just didn't have the range to deal with bass, and those stubby lows ended up compressed to buggery and disappearing in the mix.

As it turns out this is something that a lot of bass players mentioned to Red Witch, so much so that chief designer, Ben Fulton was coerced into building a pedal more suitable for those soupy lows. Behold, the Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctaver. That's right, I said Suboctaver, because Ben didn't stop at making a brilliant fuzz pedal specifically designed with the bass player in mind, he went and chucked in a second effect into this box of goodness!  

The Zeus allows unique control of each effect, meaning that this Fuzz has a second level of punch; tapping in that Suboctaver will add a layer of girth to the already bonkers sonic grit of the Zeus Fuzz. Truly unique, truly brilliant, a great addition to an already sterling selection of pedals from a great pedal brand!