Marshall Launch Class 5 Roulette Range

Marshall Amplification has announced a new Special Edition Class 5 Roulette series. Produced by Marshall's new Design Store, the Class 5 Roulettes are based on the C5-01 combo and the Class 5 Head, two of the most popular low-wattage valve amps of recent years. The head, cab and combo are handmade in the UK and are available in red or black. 

The Class 5 Roulette combo features a specially designed 10” Celestion G10F-15 speaker, two ECC83 double triode preamp valves, a single EL84 pentode output valve, a three-band EQ and 5 watts of class A output power. Also included are a low power switch and headphone and  speaker outputs.

The Class 5 Roulette sticks to the same specification as the combo, with the 16 ohm matching cab being open back for different tonal characteristics.