MUSIKMESSE 2015: Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth and PW-3 Wah

With Roland mainly focusing on new pro audio tech (and some additions to the Blues Cube lineup), Boss' MUSIKMESSE guitar lineup is slim but rather intriguing. The granddaddys of the pedal market are showing off two brand new products, the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer and PW-3 Wah Pedal. 

The SY-300 is billed as a "true analogue-style synth for guitar" and, crucially, does not require any special pickup to operate. Taking a regular 1/4" jack input, the SY-300 delivers latency free response and comes pre-loaded with 70 ready-to-play patches. It is also compatible with Boss' Tone Studio software, allowing the user to create, edit, store and transfer up to 99 custom patches via the USB. Boss claim that the SY-300 also works with bass, making it a possible competitor for the Mark Bass Super Synth, which uses similar USB edit technology. 

The SY-300 is listed at £499.

Boss also unveiled the new PW-3, an all-analogue wah in rugged housing. Designed to save precious pedalboard real estate, the PW-3 has a compact form factor and is build out of die-cast aluminium. Interestingly, the PW-3 also gives you some different sonic options by including Rich and Vintage modes, switchable on the back panel. Rich gives a fuller tone and avoids some of the low end roll-off present with many wahs, while switching to Vintage puts you back in familiar traditional territory. 

The PW-3 is listed at £95.