TC Electronic announce HyperGravity Compressor Pedal

Today TC Electronic have unveiled another new pedal addition to their successful TonePrint series, and continuing recent form it's an absolute corker. 

Introducing the TC Electronic HyperGravity compressor. Inevitable, I know, as it was just about the only standard line effect that TC hadn't bothered to put in a stomp box, but despite the predictability of its production it is, in fact, a wonderfully unique pedal within the world of single stomp box compressors. 

TC boast that it'll, "make any guitarist's tone go from good to great" which is about the most uninspiring tag line I've ever read, but nonetheless it's true, if anything it's a gargantuan understatement, for the Hyper gravity isn't just an ordinary compressor, it's a multi-band compressor, the circuit is meticulously designed after TC's very own MD3 compression algorithms featured in the widely popular studio processor System 6000, so they're not lying when they say that it really is probably the most advanced compression circuit ever to be put into a stomp box format. 

It features 3 modes; TonePrint and 2 very individual compression types. A vintage mode that allows the player to dial in a very dynacomp-cum-Boss CS-2 muddy, dark sounding squash; exactly the sort of compression a lot of classic and rock players look for. The second is a more modern truly dynamic mode that allows you to compress each frequency range independently much the same as you would be able to using an in studio compressor/limiter rack unit. 

It's this mode that really sells the pedal. A lot of players looking for that classic compression will no doubt stick with brands that demonstrate a little more rock and roll kudos than TC. The dynamic mode is far more aimed at funk, country and a player looking for true sonic definition, clarity and transparency; exactly the sort of thing session players will have been gagging for, and of course this has always been more TC's market place. 

As always the TonePrint feature is there allowing players to try out compression presets designed by some great players (mostly session), upload your own, and of course, it gives you access to the TonePrint Editor app, a great addition for players looking to really sculpt their tone, the App allows the manipulation of quite a few control ranges and presets, letting you get right down to the nitty-gritty.  

The HyperGravity is all in all a very dynamic and wonderfully unique addition to the compressor world. If that wasn't enough it looks like it's going to hit shelves at around £99: critically cheap.