SUMMER NAMM 2016: Boss Waza Craft CE-2w

Boss have announced a brand new addition to their Waza Craft line, the CE-2w Chorus. With a default sound based on the original 1979 CE-2 Chorus the Waza Craft model adds an expansive new sound field with stereo output, which was unavailable in the mono CE-2.  An additional CE-1 mode fully reproduces the stereo chorus and vibrato sounds of the legendary CE-1, with the addition of variable chorus depth not available in the original pedal. To commemorate the birth of BOSS effects, the CE-2W is made exclusively in Japan, just as the original CE-1 and CE-2 were. 


Boss Waza Craft CE-w Features:
•    Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
•    Standard mode provides a perfect reproduction of the legendary CE-2 sound
•    CE-1 mode features chorus and vibrato, authentically reproducing the two stereo sound modes in the world’s first chorus pedal
•    Includes new sounds not available in the original pedals, including CE-2 stereo output and variable depth for CE-1 chorus sounds
•    Rate and Depth knobs provide fine sound adjustment in both pedal modes
•    Premium all-analog circuitry with bucket-brigade (BBD) delay line
•    Made in Japan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS effects
•    BOSS five-year warranty

Check out Boss' demo of the CE-2w: