Hungry Robot Pedals launch Midnight Sun boost

Hungry Robot Pedals have announced the Midnight Sun, a dynamic tone-shaping boost with a parametric mid-notch.

The Iowa-based company describe the Midnight Sun as "more than just a simple volume boost.  It makes use of two gain stages and a specially designed tonestack that creates a significant mid-notch, making it a unique toneshaping tool.  Most amps have a mid control but they usually fall short in creating a true mid-notch.  Chimey, dynamic and raw come to mind when describing a mid-notch guitar tone and is great for blues."

The Midnight Sun features a tone knob that acts like a parametric EQ, changing the frequency that the mid-notch is centered around, and a MIDS toggle control that sets the depth of the notch as well as the frequency range.

Available now, the Midnight Sun is priced at $124.70