T-Rex Replicator now available in the UK

The T-Rex Replicator tape echo is now available in the UK. 

Billed as the ultimate analogue tape echo unit, the Replicator features a motor, magnetic heads and tape cartridge! Offering the warmth of analogue tape delay without the size, weight and reliability issues of traditional full-tape echo units, the Replicator rejects the cumbersome desktop bulk of most analogue machines for a simple floor pedal unit with easy to use features, and tape cartridges that can be replaced in seconds without additional tools.

Each Replicator is handcrafted in Denmark and features 2 tape heads to give 3 output modes of operation and up to 1200ms delay times. There is tap tempo for changing delay times on the fly, and a switchable Chorus effect simulates the wow-and-flutter effect found on older, worn tape delays. Two expression pedal inputs bring real-time control of delay time and feedback to the player’s feet.

The Replicator is available from UK Authorised Dealers now priced from £599