NAMM 2016: Boss ES-5 Effect Switching System

Following the success of last year's ES-8 switching system, Boss have announced a new smaller switcher, the ES-5.

Offering the essential features of the ES-8 in a smaller size, the ES-5 is designed for travel-sized pedalboards. With five loops, extensive real-time control capabilities, MIDI and more, the ES-5 allows all guitarists and bassists to explore the benefits of BOSS’s powerful switching technology.

ES-5 Features:

• On/off state and loop order can be stored in 200 patch memories for instant recall.

• Input and output buffers can be switched on/off as needed per patch.

• External control outputs are available for switching amp channels, sending tap tempo information, and more, while an expression pedal or two footswitches can be connected for further real-time control. 

•MIDI capabilities for integrating with MIDI-controlled stomp effects like the BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay and many others.