NAMM 2016: Roland Blues Cube Hot

Roland have announced the Blues Cube Hot, the latest addition to the Blues Cube guitar amplifier series.

With 30 watts of power and a custom 12-inch speaker, this compact combo is designed for home or studio use, but still retains plenty of volume for gigging. Roland’s acclaimed Tube Logic design provides authentic tube tone by carefully reproducing the inner workings of the revered tweed-era tube amp in every way, including preamp and output tube distortion characteristics, power supply compression, speaker interaction, and much more. By utilising this technology, the Blues Cube Hot offers lighter weight and vastly improved reliability.

Roland Blues Cube Hot Features:

• Custom 12-inch speaker with a rich, full voice that’s enhanced by a classic open-back cabinet design and poplar construction.

• Single-channel configuration offers easy and intuitive operation, with a wide range of sounds accessible from a single knob.

• Boost and Tone switches provide further tone-shaping options. Additional controls include a three-band EQ, master volume, and onboard reverb.

• Variable Power Control provides settings of 0.5 W, 5 W, 15 W, and Max, allowing users to enjoy this musical, cranked-up tone while matching the volume to any situation.

• Footswitch jacks for remote control of the Boost and Tone functions. 

• USB connectivity for capturing record-ready tones directly into computer recording applications.