NAMM 2016: Hungry Robot WASH

Hungry Robot have announced the WASH, a tap-tempo enabled wash delay.

At its most basic, The Wash is an analog-voiced, tap-tempo delay with just over 1000ms of delay time. The Wash can be used independently as a standalone delay or with in conjunction with "Wash Circuit."

The Wash circuit (right footswitch) adds reverb to the signal and through a complicated network of internal feedback loops, subtle multi-head Binson effect, and what Hungry Robot have coined "ripple effect," It works to add a wash to your signal in ways that can't be accomplished by stacking reverbs and delays in series. It does all of this while keeping the clarity and presence of your original signal without getting lost in the soup of decay.

Hungry Robot WASH features:

• "Ripple" knob controls The Ripple Effect. The Ripple Effect is a feature in which each successive delay trail slowly scatters and transforms into reverb. 

• The "Resonance" knob is to fine-tune the resonance and decay of the wash.

• The Middle "The Wash" knob controls the mix/level of the wash.