NAMM 2016: Peavey MiniMEGA bass head

After the success of their mini Electric heads (which received some of the highest praise possible in the Guitar Nerds GOTY rundown!) last year, it was inevitable that Peavey would look to transfer that sweet combination of heritage and modern functionality into their much-adored bass line. 

The MiniMEGA boasts everything that you’d expect from a bass head in 2016. Four-band EQ, various voicing controls, speakon connections, effects loop, tuner out, DI out (switchable pre/post), MIDI in, dialable compression and of course a carry case. They really seem to have hit the nail on the head with the spec here. At just over 4kg, pretty much anyone can slam out 1000watts (at 4ohms) at any venue, or keep that boomy Peavey tone in the bedroom with the master volume control. 

Let’s also not gloss over the best feature of this amp though. A USER DEFINABLE SURFACE COLOUR CONTROL. Top work, Peavey.