Electro-Harmonix announce Lester G and Lester K rotary speaker simulators

Electro-Harmonix have announced the Lester G and Lester K stereo rotary-speaker simulator pedals. The Lester G was designed for guitarists and includes a dedicated compressor that maximizes the rotary speaker effect on guitar, while the more compact Lester K was created for keyboard players who want to enhance their organ sound. Both pedals feature Drive, Slow, Fast, Balance and Speed/Brake controls. A Balance control regulates the blend between the pedal’s low-frequency rotor and high-frequency horn. A silent footswitch labeled Speed/Brake lets the player switch between Fast and Slow modes. When the footswitch is depressed for ½ second the pedal enters Brake mode and decelerates to a stop. 

The Lester G includes an Acceleration control that sets the rate at which it transitions between Fast and Slow modes. This transition can also be manually manipulated via a standard EXP pedal. The Lester G’s compressor contains Attack, Sustain and Squash controls. A pushbutton selects between Normal and Squash with the Squash setting yielding a higher compression ratio and a more dramatic effect. Both the Lester G and K feature stereo inputs and outputs.

The Lester G has a U.S.A. List Price of $298.70 while the Lester K is $237.40. The Lester G and K are available now.