NAMM 2016: Orange Two Stroke EQ and Amp Detonator ABY

Orange have announced two new pedals for 2016, the Two Stroke Boost EQ and the Amp Detonator ABY switch.

Two Stroke Boost EQ

The Two Stroke is Orange's take on the essential clean boost pedal, but with the added versatility of an active 2 band parametric EQ section. 12dB of clean boost, plus and additional 18dB of EQ cut/boost per EQ band. Thanks to the pedal’s charge pump circuit (which doubles the internal voltage and massively increases the headroom), the Two Stroke works placed before or after other pedals, or even in an effects loop. 

Check out Orange's video demo here:


The Amp Detonator

The Amp Detonator is the smallest active, fully functional ABY switcher on the market. Featuring two buffered outputs, one with a custom isolating transformer and phase correction switch, the Amp Detonator allows the player to switch between two amps, or use them both at the same time. A tri-colour LED indicates the current switching setting at a glance.

Check out Orange's demo of the Amp Detonator here: