NAMM 2017: Fender announces limited edition Exotic Collection guitars

If the launch of Fender's new Professional series of guitars and basses wasn't enough for 2017, Fender have gone and done it again; another year, another extremely limited edition range of completely unique and awesome guitars!

Introducing the Exotic Collection, a range of familiar looking models ranging between Strats, Teles and Jazzmasters, fashioned from some completely original tone woods, unique both in origin and tonal implications to the series.

Malaysian Blackwood, pine, and Mahogany all feature in this brilliantly unusual series of guitars.

The complete range consists of these great models:

Malaysian Blackwood Telecaster with P90's


Shedua Top/Okoume Stratocaster

American Maple Jazz Bass

American Professional Mahogany Stratocaster

American Elite Mahogany Tele Thinline

American Professional Mahogany Tele Deluxe

American Vintage '59 Pine Stratocaster

American Professional Pine Telecaster

American Professional Pine Jazzmaster